Control Panel
Every installation of Jewel Pavilion comes with the Control Panel to allow you to manage your website according to what you have to offer.

Key Features
  • Customer Account creation.
  • Customer Account pricing control.
  • Stone pricing options.
  • Private Label pricing management.
  • Jewelry entry pages - with Jewelry System.
  • Order information - with Checkout
Comes with every installation of Jewel Pavilion.
  • Create Customers
  • Search Customers
  • Edit Customer Detail
  • Assign Customer Passwords
  • Enable and Disable Customer Accounts
  • Create Customer Groups
  • Assign Customers to Customer Groups
  • Apply markups and discounts to Customer Groups
Web Orders
Comes with every installation of Jewel Pavilion Checkout.
  • View listed orders placed through your website.
  • View Order Number, Order Date, Contact for Order, Size of Order, Total Sale Amount, and Website where the order was placed (in the case of Private Labels)
  • View Order detail with Customer Contact Info, Billing Info, Shipping Info, link to item Details, loose and grouped items.
  • In the case of diamonds, view your suppliers' stock number for each diamond ordered.
Stone Prices
Comes with every installation of Jewel Pavilion Diamond Suite.
  • Supports up to 3 price types plus Rapaport prices.
  • Site Admin can set markups and markup ranges on all websites using the inventory.
  • Site Admin can select what pricing is available to every website using the inventory.
  • Site Admin can create Sale prices for individual stones.
  • Site Admin can turn Sales on and off.
  • Private Label clients can set the default price type (out of the available options).
  • Private Label clients can set a flat markup to all diamonds (out of the available range).
Jewelry Information
Comes with every installation of Jewel Pavilion Jewelry System.
  • Create new Jewelry Styles.
  • Search for existing Jewelry Styles.
  • Assign Jewelry Styles to online categories.
  • Create multiple variants of a Jewelry Style - Ex. White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum
  • Enter Jewelry Titles and Sales Descriptions.
  • Enter available Metal types and Preset Stone information.
  • Enter Prices and simple discounts.
  • Create Matching Sets out of existing individual Styles.
  • Search for existing Matching Sets.
  • Assign Matching Sets to online categories
  • Add or remove items from a Matching Set.
  • Enable or Disable any Jewelry Style or Matching Set from appearing on the website.