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Diamond Suite
Whether for wholesale or retail, the Diamond Suite allows your customers to view your diamond lists at any time. You control the information and pricing, and you are relieved of searching for your clients' requests yourself.

Key Features
  • Store an online inventory of stones uploaded from DJ Wizard or other standardized sources.
  • Search by numerous diamond search criteria.
  • Display sortable results that match your search criteria.
  • Display details about individual diamonds with optional photo support.
  • Automated matched pair generation - match stones from different suppliers.
  • Fancy color diamond support.
Standard Installation
The standard installation of the Jewel Pavilion Diamond Suite includes:
  • Basic Jewel Pavilion Layout as seen on our demos.
  • Search page with Shape, Color, Clarity, Carat, Lab and Price.
  • Results page that lists diamonds that match the search.
  • Sort results by different criteria, ascending or descending.
  • Detail page for individual diamonds with link to certs.
  • Certificate upload for .JPG certificate scans.
  • Shopping Cart page for customers to list desired diamonds.
  • Standard Wholesale or standard Retail Checkout.
  • Jewel Pavilion Control Panel
Diamond Suite
Additional Options
Further customization of the Diamond Suite is also available.
  • Additional search critera on the search page:
    Depth, Table, Polish, Symmetry, Culet, Fluorescence
  • Additional data fields for the results or detail page:
    Price/ct, Rapaport Price, % off Rap
  • Individual diamond photo upload for display on the diamond detail page.
  • Add or change text on any of the Diamond Search pages.
  • Add informational content pages or a custom front page.
  • Add a standard set of representative diamond photographs.
  • Upgrade your site design.