Jewelry System
Manage and sell your jewelry online! Our web-based jewelry system lets you add new jewelry to your site at any time. Whether you have a small amount of boutique jewelry or a vast inventory of every style imaginable, our jewelry system is flexible enough to accommodate any range of goods.

Key Features
  • Create your own online jewelry database
  • Record jewelry sales descriptions, titles, prices, metals, and preset stone information.
  • Display "catalog" pages with multiple items per category.
  • Display details about jewelry items with optional photo support
  • Control which jewelry items go on and off the website.
Standard Installation
The standard installation of the Jewel Pavilion Jewelry System includes:
  • Basic Jewel Pavilion Layoutas seen on our demos.
  • Links to 4 major jewelry categories - Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets
  • Catalog page displaying thumbnail images of jewelry items with link to detail page.
  • Detail page with photograph, sales text, and jewelry information.
  • Shopping Cart page for customers to list desired items.
  • Standard Wholesale or standard Retail Checkout.
  • Jewel Pavilion Control Panel
Photographic Support
All jewelry product photos must be processed for the web by DJW. We take your original image and size it, optimize it for the web and upload it to your website. If DJW has not received your stock jewelry photographs, they will not appear on the website. This service is billed hourly.
    Required Photo Information
  • Jewelry photographs, minimum width 400px, recommended 800px wide.
  • List of original photo file names with corresponding style ID's from Jewel Pavilion.
  • List of available metal types for each style ID.
Please note: The better the quality of your original photographs, the better they will look online. We do provide photo-retouching services, but it is better to invest in good originals.

Additional Options
Further customization of the Jewelry System is also available.