Content Pages
Make your website more informative with additional content pages. Examples of content pages include:
  • Main Page - This is also known as the "Home" page, "Index" page, or "Front" page. It is the first page that a customer sees when they go to your website.
  • About Us Page - This page teaches your customers about your company.
  • Contact Page - This page gives your customer information on how to contact you.
  • Education Page - The Education page may also be an Education Section with multiple content pages. These pages teach your customers about your product.

Because Content pages are specific to your company or business, you must provide all information to appear on your Content pages. This includes text and images. DJW does offer promotional graphics creation on a per image basis. We also sell some prepared text on standard diamond information.

Content Page Rate
Content pages are generally billed on a per hour basis. To receive a quote for a potential Content page, please contact us. We will need to have the body of the text or a total word count, and the number of provided and custom graphics for the page.

    Diamond Content Text
  • Diamond 4C's
  • Diamond Buying Guide
  • Diamond Shapes
  • Diamond Terminology
    Jewelry Content Text
  • Jewelry Settings

To review our text for purchase, please contact us and we will send you a sample to read.