Promotional Graphics
We create promotional graphics for use on your website to help you promote and sell your product. Generally, we recommend having a promotional graphic on your front page which changes with the seasons, or with the introduction of new products.

I like my website as it is. Why should I change it?
Adding or changing a promotional graphic does not change the overall style of your site. Changing a promotional graphic does let your customers know that you are maintaining your website, and that you are up to date. Would you be impressed by a store that kept the same tired sign in the window all year? Every major retailer with a website changes the promotional graphics on the website periodically to promote new goods or offer discounts.

How often should I change my graphics?
We recommend that, at minimum, you should change your promotional graphics four times a year, once a season. You may want to consider special graphics for the following holidays as well:

  • December holiday season
  • Valentine's Day
  • Mother's Day
  • Any holiday you wish to acknowledge
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