DJ Wizard
DJ Wizard Software

DJ Wizard 2008
Our simple to use DJ Wizard software manages your diamond/jewelry business with powerful inventory/accounting capabilities. Run it from anywhere with internet connection.


DJ Wizard On iPhone
A custom, iPhone / smartphone-enabled website lets you access vital stock information from anywhere.


DJ Wizard on iPad
An iPad interface / notebook - lets you access stock information with a 3G connection.

Hardware Services
Office Computers

Secured System
Our goal is to help you purchase, configure, maintain and secure your system to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Jewel Pavilion

Diamond Suite
Put your diamonds, matched pairs, and fancy color diamonds online! Customers can view your diamonds, and search for the exact diamond for their needs.


Gemstone Search
Gemstones have to be seen to be believed - Display your inventory and your photographs through your own website.

Three Stone Ring

Jewelry System
Manage and sell your designer jewelry online. Our Jewelry System helps you create a complete online inventory.

Three Stone Ring

Jewelry Builder
Combine your diamond and jewelry inventory and offer your customers the opportunity to create custom jewelry.

Private Labels

Private Labels
Rebrand your inventory and sell across multiple venues using Jewel Pavilion's Private Label capacity.

Website Services
Sample Design

Website Design
We provide design services for businesses just starting out online as well as rebranding established businesses.

Logos & Branding

Logos & Branding
Establish a memorable look and feel for your company with custom logos and branding. New logos or logo updates.


Photo Retouching
Enhance and adjust your product photography without paying for reshoots. Correct color, brightness, and more.

Promotional Graphic

Promotional Graphics
Keep your website fresh with new promotional graphics and sales displays. Always show your customer something new.

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To receive a quote for any of our products or services, please call to speak with a representative or send a fax with contact information and requested items.

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