Website Technicals
DJW can help you with all the behind the scenes technical aspects of running a website.

Think of building a website as you might think of building a brick and mortar store. You start with a plan, a design, but you also need a location, an address, where you can build your store. Website Technicals covers all the foundation elements for building your website including address, location, and accessiblity.

All business websites should have an easy to remember domain name. We can help you register your domain name if you do not have one, or we can use any domain name you have registered yourself.
  • What is a domain name?
    A domain name is the address your customers type into the address bar of their web browser.

  • How do I get a domain name?
    You can register a domain name through the many registration services available online. There is usually a yearly fee that varies per registration service.
    Note: Please save your registration information. This information is used in website set-up.

  • Why do I need a domain name?
    A domain name is a much easier web address to remember. If you do not have a domain name, your web address will be a series of numbers called the IP address.
    Example: You would rather use the store name rather than the numeric street address when referring a customer to your shop.
Every website requires web hosting. We would prefer to guide you through purchase of web hosting to ensure compatibility with our website software.
  • What is web hosting?
    Web hosting is the virtual real estate where we build your website. This space is rented for a recurring fee for as long as you need it.

  • How do I get web hosting?
    You can purchase web hosting through online web hosting services or you can purchase and set up an in house web server.
    Note: We recommend purchasing hosting services rather than setting up your own server. Hosting services provide more reliable performance.

  • Why can't I choose any web hosting service?
    Like all rental properties, all web hosts have different limitations, and different benefits. Some web hosts may offer their services for free but will not allow you to install any software. More expensive web hosts will allow you to completely customize the use of your hosting space. Your average web host offers a set of pre-installed default software for your use. Jewel Pavilion requires a certain set of pre-installed software or the ability to install required software. Compatible hosting for Jewel Pavilion generally runs about $15/month.
Email Accounts
If you would like to have email addresses for your website, you will need this optional service.

For a low fee, DJW will set up an email account on your web hosting with all the email addresses you provide. We will also help you set up access to the emails from your office or home.

Example email address: