Website Design
A good website design expresses your company's personality to the public. Are you a small designer jewelry boutique with classy originals? Are you a streamlined, efficient diamond wholesaler with the best cuts? Are you a massive jewelry company with thousands of settings to sell?

We design for every type of business. Large or small, the most important thing is to build a design that tells your customer who they are dealing with.

Design Level Comparison

  Basic Intermediate Custom
Custom Home Page Included Included Included
Additional Pages: Up to 5 Up to 10 Unlimited
Design Proposals 1 1 Negotiable
Revision Rounds 2 2 Negotiable
Graphics: None 1-2 small graphics/page. Unlimited
Mouseovers Optional Optional Optional
Text Copy: Client provided Client provided Negotiable
Email forms: Pay per form Pay per form Unlimited
Starting Cost: $300 - $800 $500 - $1800 Hourly rate
* Completion Time: 2-3 weeks 3-4 weeks Depends on site size
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* Time is dependant on how quickly content and other information is provided.
** Raising or lowering the number of content pages will affect the cost.
** A Jewel Pavilion package counts as one page.

Key Information
  • Updating and Adding Content
    We update your site content for you, for a small fee per insertion. Just send us the relevant content and we will put it up for you.
  • Email forms and interactive content
    We can provide email form pages and other web forms upon request. Forms will be charged separately.
  • Site Security
    We do not release access to your website to any third party. We can also help you purchase and install an SSL certificate for transaction security at your request.
What do I need to consider before getting a website design?
  • Who is my target audience?
    Your target audience will partly determine the style of your website. A target audience is a specific group of people. For instance, if you are selling fashion jewelry, you should probably target women. If you are selling engagement rings, you may want to target men first.
  • What am I selling?
    You will need to think about what you are selling, and which parts of your inventory are going to get emphasis. You will of course want to sell everything, but what do you want to bill as your top product?
  • What do I want to tell people about my company?
    Shoppers like to buy from websites they trust. Including some information about your company will let your customers know you are a legitimate business.
  • Are there any websites I admire?
    While you will want to create a unique look for your website, please feel free to suggest a few websites that you find appealing. Sometimes a website you like can say more to a designer than you might be able to express in words.