Photo Retouching
Good product photography is essential to selling online. The customer will probably make his entire decision on whether the product is worth the price based on the photo. To catch the eye, the photos must be clean, clear, and just as easy to see as an item in a conventional store.

DJW can improve or otherwise alter your standard product photography for use on the web. Our photo retouching services are available at an hourly rate. To get an estimate of total cost, please send us an original sample photograph and a list of desired changes. See below for samples.

What we offer:
  • Improve overall appearance - Sharpen, brighten, and crop photos for composition.
  • Cut backgrounds - Cut out background color or texture. Works best with light backgrounds.
  • Add shadows or reflections - Makes your product appear to sit on solid ground.
  • Metal Color - Add or remove Gold metal color to jewelry.
  • Color enhancement - Strengthen gem colors. Only recommended for bulk items. Unique gems should be photographed individually at best possible quality.
Standard Requirements

Minimum size:400px square
Minimum Zoom size:800px square
Recommended size:800px square
Recommended format:.jpg or .tif
Background Color:White preferred, black backgrounds cannot be removed.
Product Placement:Product should take up as much of the frame as possible.
Exception: Products photographed on special/unique backgrounds.

Photo Alteration Samples
Quick Touch-up Cut Backgrounds Add Reflections Gold Color
Intensive Touch-up