Website Services
DJW Inc. supplies you with everything you need to run your business, including custom web services.

Our website related services are broken down in the menu to the left. Rather than offer a non-negotiable package, we let you choose what you want to build into your website. Our design packages are general guidelines to help you assess your needs and plan your site.

What we offer:
Website Design
Custom designs for your individual business style, targeted at your primary clientele.
Photo Retouching
Bring your existing product photos up to retail standards.
Logo Design
New logos or logo redesigns for web or print. Perfect for start-ups or established business.
Promotional Graphics
Keep your customers coming back. Seasonal or promotional graphics for your website.
Why do I need a website?
Modern shoppers are turning more and more often to the Internet first. Even those shoppers who prefer to make purchases in a conventional store will go online first to get an idea of which stores they should visit. Time is precious and shoppers want to eliminate needless travel and go directly to the store that is most likely to have what they want. The only way to know if you have what they want is to display your inventory online.

Having a website gives you an online presence means that more shoppers will know about your business, increasing traffic to your brick and mortar store, or generating sales directly from an online checkout. Simply put, the more customers you can present yourself to, the greater the potential for sales.