Private Labels
Broaden your customer base by selling your inventory over multiple venues. Private Labels allow your wholesale and retail partners to showcase your inventory at their own markup as if it were their own, without the hassle of setting up their own inventory database.

Key Features
  • One time set-up per Private Label.
  • No limit to the number of Private Label clients per supplier.
  • No complicated database transfers for the Private Label client.
  • Various levels of investment available.
How it works:
Basically a Private Label client uses their supplier's Jewel Pavilion installation and inventory database. All the inventory pages are hosted on the supplier's server, making use of all the supplier's certificates and stock photos. Because the inventory exists on the supplier's server, the URL of the pages will be the IP address of the supplier.

Clients who wish to display inventory under their own URL should consider buying their own Jewel Pavilion installation and restructuring their website accordingly. A Private Label relies only on the visual re-branding of the inventory pages to make customers believe the inventory belongs to the Private Label client.

For your clients:
Your clients can select one of the following Private Label packages. We recommend the Basic Private Label as the quickest way to get your client started selling your inventory.
Standard Installation
The standard installation of a Private Label includes:
  • Basic Jewel Pavilion Layout
  • Inventory pages for all inventory types you are providing to your client.
  • Shopping Cart page for customers to list desired items.
  • Standard Wholesale or standard Retail Checkout.*
  • Jewel Pavilion Control Panel Login
  • Access to a flat markup tool for all diamonds based on supplier restrictions.
* Optional
Only available if your supplier has the package.
You will be provided with a URL to use for linking your own website with the inventory pages. It is the responsibility of your web developer to add the link to your satisfaction. In the case that DJW is your web developer, we will implement the link for you.