Jewelry Builder
Combine your diamond and jewelry inventory with the Jewel Pavilion Jewelry Builder. This addition allows customers to create custom jewelry by choosing the setting and the stones. This popular feature gives customers a personal connection to your company and your site.

Available Builders
  • Ring builder
  • Three Stone Ring builder
  • Solitaire Pendant builder
  • Three Stone Pendant builder
  • Stud Earrings builder
Build Process
  1. Select your setting.
  2. Select your diamond(s).
  3. Finished piece arrives in the shopping cart.
You can enter the shape restrictions for each jewelry setting in the Control Panel. This will automatically only offer the available shapes for the setting when the customer reaches the diamond selection stage.

Inventory Requirements
In order to use the Jewelry Builder, you must have both the Diamond Suite and the Jewelry System. This means a reliable source of loose diamonds, and accurately entered jewelry items. The stones and settings may not be "on hand", but they must be available to you. We recommend that you arrange to have the stones set into the jewelry, so that you can present your customers with the finished piece.

Photography Requirements
In order to display the change of centerstones in your jewelry settings, additional photography is required. This visual effect is optional and will not affect the basic function of the Jewelry Builder.

To do the the display change, the Jewelry Builder requires a photo of each setting with each available shape. This can be accomplished using the following methods.

Option Pros Cons
  1. May be less expensive if you do the photography yourself.
  2. You can pose the jewelry any way you like.
  1. May be more expensive if you have a professional photographer.
  2. Centerstone may not change out seamlessly.
DJW Photo Service
  1. After providing the initial solitaire set, your work is done.
  2. The centerstone will appear to change seamlessly.
  1. All jewelry must be photographed in the exact same orientation.
  2. Cost depends on the volume of images to be processed.