Gemstone Search
Sell your gemstones online using the Jewel Pavilion Gemstone Search. Your customers will be able to browse your gemstone inventory, and select and list their desired stones. Given the wide range of gemstones and their colors, our search is completely customizeable to your inventory.

Key Features
  • Store an online inventory of stones uploaded from DJ Wizard or other standardized sources.
  • Search by Shape, Gem Type, Gem Color, Carat, and Price.
  • Display sortable results that match your search criteria.
  • Display details about individual gemstones with optional photo support.
Standard Installation
The standard installation of the Jewel Pavilion Gemstone Search includes:
Additional Options
Further customization of the Gemstone Search is also available.
  • Individual gemstone photo upload for display on the detail page - Recommended
  • Add or change text on any of the Gemstone Search pages.
  • Add informational content pages or a custom front page.
  • Add a standard set of representative gemstone photographs - Recommended
  • Upgrade your site design.

We strongly recommend displaying good looking photographs on your website because a gemstone's color has to be seen to be believed. Even if you cannot photograph all of your stock, take a representative photograph of every gem type and color. Photography tips here.