Fancy Color Diamond Search
Our Fancy Color Diamond Search allows this particular facet of the diamond industry to shine. With fancy color diamonds rising in popularity, you will want to give your customers the opportunity to select their perfect fancy color diamond.

There are minimal options for searching for fancy color diamonds because of the fact that fancies are so rare. Rather than limit what your customer sees, we offer the most basic search criteria to allow for a broader range of results.

Key Features
  • List Fancy Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, and Orange diamonds.
  • Search by Color Intensity range: from Very Light to Deep intensity.
  • Search any combination of Color, Intensity, Shape, Carats, and Price.
  • Results page that lists diamonds that match the search criteria with sorting of results.
  • See the popup n the left for quick preview of the diamond full details.
  • Detail page for individual diamonds with link to certs.
  • Certificate upload for .JPG certificate scans.
  • Shopping Cart page for customers to list desired diamonds.
  • Standard Wholesale or standard Retail Checkout.
  • Jewel Pavilion Control Panel
  • Option to add any additional Diamond Suite customizations.
Full Demo

        For a sample design demo, click the Fancy Color Diamonds Search DEMO