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Jewel Pavilion
Jewel Pavilion is DJW's website software for the diamond, jewelry, and gemstone industry. Jewel Pavilion gets your inventory online and gives you the tools to manage pricing, jewelry, customer accounts, and more. Pick and choose which parts of Jewel Pavilion matches your inventory and suits your business style.

Primary Packages
Diamond Suite
Supports the following inventory:
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Matched Pairs
  • Fancy Colors
Jewelry System
Supports your entire jewelry inventory line, including rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.
Choose between wholesale item requests and retail shopping cart checkout.
Gemstone Search
Supports loose gemstones of any type. Special gemstone information includes notes on treatments and origin.
Jewelry Builder
Offer your customers the option to build their own jewelry.
Private Labels
Sell your inventory through your partnered clients. Available for diamonds only at this time.
How it works:
Just as DJ Wizard manages your business inventory, Jewel Pavilion manages your website inventory. Why are they separate? Because the requirements for running a business and running a website are different. Jewel Pavilion simply takes a copy of the relevant portions of your business inventory and sends it to your website. This leaves the door open to accept not only your own DJ Wizard stone inventory, but any standardized inventory format, such as Rapnet or Polygon formats. The website inventory is refreshed regularly from its sources, at your designated time intervals, typically hourly or daily.

In the case of jewelry, Jewel Pavilion requires that you enter in all the relevant information about a jewelry item for the website's use. A piece of jewelry is a work of art that cannot be described just by numbers and statistics so you cannot import that information as you can with diamonds. Jewel Pavilion's jewelry interface is geared towards collecting information to best describe and sell your jewelry. You can choose to sell jewelry from any manufacturer, or any artisan, and be free to put that jewelry on your website with just a little data entry.

Website Build Process:
  • Select your Jewel Pavilion packages.
  • Purchase your domain name, if you do not already own one.
  • Purchase web hosting with the assistance of DJW staff.
  • Installation of Jewel Pavilion on your web hosting.
  • Installation of diamond uploads to the website (w/ Diamond Suite).
  • Review your website.
  • Assign your domain name to your website.
  • View your live website.
System Requirements

Database:MySQL version 5 database
Web Hosting:We can recommend a hosting service that meets our requirements.
Domain Name:We can help you register your domain name if you do not have one yet.

Please consult us before purchasing any web hosting. Many hosts do not meet our technical requirements as we use the most up to date options available. We would prefer to order web hosting over the phone with you to ensure you receive compatible hosting.

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