Secured System
Have you ever considered the fact that your entire business is sitting on one gadget. All your valuables (stones and/or jewelry and business info) are sitting on a single server. It is like having an upside down pyramid of millions of dollars sitting on a merely $3,000 server. The server hard drives are spinning constantly at high speeds all year long. And if your server is more than 2-3 years old, eventually it will fail some day (hard drive manufacturers warrent their drives for 3 years, but bad clusters develop a long time before that). If you think you are pretty safe having hard copies of your receivables and backups of your company data, you may want to think again.    

Costly Experience
Let's be honest: If anything happens to your server, and we've seen too many cases like this, the cost of restoring your data and software back to normal goes well beyond the thousands of dollars in direct cost. Just consider the loss of potential business when your diamonds stop uploading to trade services and difficulties to collect your receivables. The cost can be dozens of times greater let alone your reputation. The process can take weeks or even months to fully recover, even if you have all the proper backups in place.

Minimizing Risks
Although there are huge advantages in today's technology, the nature of the electronics age is that comes with many risks that increase over time. But there are things you can do to prepare your business for all these and reduce your vulnerability and down time in most disasters. If you wonder what you can do to reduce your risks drastically, call DJW and ask us about server redundancy and off-site backups. You will be surprised how inexpensive our solutions will be.