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The merchandise described below is delivered to you on memorandum, at your risk from all hazards, regardless of the cause of the loss or damage, only for examination and inspection by prospective purchasers, upon the express condition that all such merchandise shall remain the property of
[%Company Sold%]
Statement #2 and shall be returned on demand, in full in its original form. Until the merchandise is returned and actually received by us, you are fully responsible therefor, and, in the event of damage or loss, whether caused by you or by another, whether or not under your control, you will indemnify us immediatly by payment of the stated value which represents the extent of the actual loss and is not intended to constitute a price for the sale of the merchandise. You acquire no writ or authority to sell, pledge, hypothecate or otherwise dispose of the merchandise, or any part thereof, by memorandum or otherwise, it being expressly understood that regardless of other transactions or prior trade customs, NO CREDIT IS EXTENDED with respect to this merchanidse. A sale of all or any portion of the merchandise shall occur only if and when we agree and you shall have received from us a separate invoice. A subsequent sale of any specific part of the merchandise shall not affect the terms herof with respect to the balance hereof. Receipt of the merchandise constitutes your agreement to the foregoing terms which represent the entire contract with respect to the merchandise herein described and which cannot be varied by oral statements, dealings with resepct to other merchandise or any contrary custom of the trade.
Memo No 85202 DATE: 4/4/1997 SHIP VIA: UPS:
No Ty Stock No. Ct Weight Units DESCRIPTION AMOUNT Price per Ct. Sta Image
3 D 4068 2.37  1 1C RB I-I2  1,500.00 3,555.00 M  
6 J 3003 0.00  1 WG18 TNSB JUDW-141  7,170.00 7,170.00 M
9 J 3002 0.00  1 14K TNSB MASG-127  1,000.00 1,000.00 M
10 D 100 1.06  1 RB G/VS2 - GIA 6160.00 6160.00 M
  SUBTOTAL 14,320.00
  SHIPPING 35.00
Signature:     TOTAL $14,355.00  


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