Jewelry Control
Jewelry Control stores and maintains your jewelry inventory.

Jewelry Card
The Jewelry Card manages and records information regarding individual jewelry pieces.
  • Record all characteristics of a jewelry item.
  • Multiple description fields for retail, wholesale, or other purposes.
  • Assign item price or calculate from material cost.
  • Automatically calculate price points.
  • Supports ready-made or custom manufactured jewelry.
  • Add or transfer diamonds from inventory to be set in the jewelry item.
    *Requires Diamond Control module.
Jewelry Style Form
This form allows you to note manufacturing details for jewelry styles. A jewelry style is the template for an individual jewelry item.
  • Record labor cost for creating an item in a particular style.
  • Record metal types and volume per item per style.
  • View On Hand quantity and On Memo quantity per jewelry style.
Shapes Table
The Shape Table records the standard shapes, as well as fancy shapes with an ID, full shape name, and associated standard shape for fancy shape entries.
Example: An Octagonal shape based off the standard Round Brilliant.

Jewelry Stones Settings Table
Lists diamonds or other stones for an individual jewelry item.
  • Assign specific stones to a jewelry item.
  • Record stone variety, shape, size, color, cost per item, total cost and more.
Units in Style
List jewelry stock items by style and verify which items are on hand, on memo, or with a salesperson.