Input Modules
Attach associated data and images to specific stock items.

Rapaport Updater
Automatically download prices from the Rapaport website for comparison with your stock prices.

Rapaport Updater Control

  • Apply Rapaport based prices to your stock as a whole or by selection.
  • Receive warnings if the new Rapaport price differs from your current price by a specified percentage.
  • Automatically round prices to the nearest dollar per carat.
  • View stock items as you are updating prices.
  • Use the "Run in Reverse" feature to enforce Rapaport prices over your discounted prices.
Cert Link

Cert Link ControlScan certs within DJ Wizard and automatically link them to the appropriate stock item.

  • This utility links to WinFax Pro for ready-to-go fax format documents.
  • Scan, view, or delete certificates from one control panel.