Diamond Control
Diamond Control stores and maintains your diamond inventory. This diamond specific module allows you to record a diamond's specific characteristics with incredible detail. You may also associate a number or peripheral information, such as Rapaport prices, and certificate scans with any diamond.

Diamond Card
The most important part of the Diamond Control Module, the Diamond Card records all the details about a diamond.
  • Add or delete diamond inventory.
  • Assign or edit Stock IDs.
  • Quickly duplicate a diamond card for a new item.
  • Mix parcels or single stones to create new parcels.
  • Remove diamonds from parcels.
  • Enter certificate information for all single stones.
  • Attach certificate scans to individual diamonds for one click viewing.
  • Set costs and prices.
  • Assign up to 5 price points.
  • Track all history regarding a diamond or parcel.
  • Search for specific diamonds using up to 8 parameters.
  • Print barcode labels for your stone papers.
Rapaport Table
The industry's largest online trading site, Rapaport is it's own standard.
  • Automatic download of Rapaport prices for your entire inventory for Rapnet members.
  • Calculate prices based on the Rapaport Table.
  • Assign prices based on the Rapaport Table to specific groups of diamonds.
    Example: All D diamonds over 1ct.
Shapes Table
The Shape Table records the standard shapes, as well as fancy shapes with an ID, full shape name, and associated standard shape for fancy shape entries.
Example: An Octagonal shape based off the standard Round Brilliant.

Sizes Table
Assign attributes to diamonds based on size.
  • Group diamonds by pirce per carat
    Example: All 1ct to 1.49ct diamonds come at the same price per carat.
  • Size groupings are priced by Rapaport standards.
  • Optionally add markups or discounts for certain size groupings.
Cert Link
Quickly enter certificate scans and assign them to the right diamond with the Cert Link utility. Cert Link uses Winfax to scan certs. For potential website owners, we recommend scanning certificates with a standard scanner in .jpg format for a better quality color scan.