Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable manages all of your client transactions, from memos and invoices, to received payments, to simply keeping track of all of your client information.

Memorandum Form
Every sale starts with a memo, and every memo needs to be tracked meticulously. The Memorandum form records inventory items given to clients on memo basis for a limited time period.
  • Document inventory on Memo and terms.
  • Quick select listed clients when creating a memo.
  • Enter actual price/ct or % below Rap per diamond.
  • View status of Memo transaction - returned or sold.
  • Link Memos with a specific salesperson for tracking and commissions.
  • Print or email your Memos with full jewelry or diamond images.
  • Print of email all certificates on the Memo with one click.
Memorandum Form
Automatically send invoices to your clients in the case of sold items.
  • Invoice is created directly from a Memo.
  • Invoice only lists sold items from Memo.
  • Specify final sale prices if different from Memo terms.
  • Option for intallment payments with payment tracking.
  • Deal with items returned from a sales transaction.
Received Payments
Track complete and installment payments.
  • Automatically apply payments to invoices.
  • Record date, amount, type of payment, and reference number of each installment payment.
  • View current balance of each invoice.
  • Optionally add service charges on past due payments.
Received Payments
Client Information
Database your client information for instant retrieval.
  • Record standard contact information - name, address, phones, email, etc.
  • Record different shipping addresses for clients.
  • Record specific business information - type of store, typical terms, current JBT ratings.
  • Assign clients to specific sales territories.
  • Show salesperson associated with each client.
  • Set a quick note to appear whenever the program refers to the client.
    Example: "Great customer" or "Slow Payments".
Client Information
Contact Manager
Keep a running logbook of all your client activity. This module is also a part of the Business modules.
  • Jot down notes about your daily activity with each client.
  • Set up timed reminders to call or otherwise contact the client.
  • Set up timed reminders for completing client requests.
  • Manage your entire territory or go client by client.