DJ Wizard 2010
DJ Wizard SoftwareDJ Wizard 2010 is an inventory and accounting software package tailor-made for the diamond, jewelry, and colored gem business. It is designed for Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP and can be accessed form anywhere on the web from any PC via Internet connection.

Key Features

DJ Wizard Main Menu

    Inventory Features
  • Support for Diamond, Jewelry, or Colored Stone inventories.
  • Inventory is searchable by up to 8 parameters.
  • Manage single items as well as lots and parcels.
  • Range of barcoding options for all inventory.
  • Print and accurately scan bar-code tags.
  • Barcode scan stock transfers.
  • Easy inventory transfer to the web.
  • Onscreen help
    Business Features
  • Complete client information database.
  • Client account history, current status, and available credit.
  • View past transactions and likelyhood of sale from memo.
  • Wholesale and Retail invoicing.
  • Memo/Invoice create, track, preview, print, email or fax directly.
  • Memo Transcations function heps you memo/sell quickly.
  • Printable Memorandum
  • accounts receivable module with payment tracking.
  • Support for interest on past-due amounts.
  • Control accounts payable with suppliers.
  • Export options to Trade services like Polygon, RapNet and IDEXOnline and other common office software programs.
  • Import options from standard industry file formats, like GIA, RapNet and IDEXOnline.
  • Record salespeople commissions and analyze performance.
  • Print nearly 150 reports in detail, summary, cross-tabs, chart and label formats.
  • Onscreen preview/print of reports.
  • Select and organize information alphabetically, numerically, by date, amount and many other options.
  • Three levels of security with many options to set user privileges.
    Communication Features
  • Complete office collaboration improving work-group efficiency.
  • Telemarketing assistance, note tracking, and reminders.
  • One-click certificate faxing.

Quick and Easy Installation
We do it all. When you buy your DJ Wizard software package, we provide complete set-up including your DJ Wizard server pre-loaded and configured for your business, as well as workstations and other computing peripherals tailored to your needs. Installation is free of charge on the server, and $75 per additional machine.

System Requirements

Server OS:Windows 2003, 2008 Server Standard Edition (32-bit)
Memory:1GB minimum RAM (1GB for each 5 additional users is recommended)
Licences:One Microsoft Terminal Service license for each simultanous logged on user.

We can help you purchase the appropriate hardware and software. Please see our Hardware Services section.

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