About DJW, Inc.
Established in May 1991 and incorporated in California in 1998, DJW, Inc provides the most comprehensive set of electronic tools for the diamonds and jewelry business. DJW, Inc., which stands for Diamond and Jewelry Wizard, introduced the first Windows-based computer software for the wholesale and retail business. With hundreds of clients across the United States, DJW, Inc. is the longest standing supplier of software and and website for the diamond and Jewelry business.

Owner and Founder
DJW Inc. founder, Daniel Y., is respected in the industry as a PC Magazine, PC World, PC Week and Byte Magazine software-critic contributor during the late 1980s and the beginning of 1990s. In 1991 Daniel published DJ Wizard desktop software for the diamonds and jewelry business and in 1997 he published Jewel Pavilion, a website package for the same industry.

Industry Expertise
By focusing solely on the diamonds, jewelry and colored stone business, DJW offers the most complete integration of inside office tools and outside selling opportunities. DJW delivers a new standard of efficiency and Web site connectivity, making it possible for a small to medium-sized business to do business directly on the Internet.